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Megan is an American host, actress, dancer, writer, producer, and director currently based in Destin, Florida.  She made her television acting debut in the HBO Series "VEEP" and has since been on several nationally-broadcasted television shows.  She has attained lead roles in a wide array of short- and feature-length films.  Ms. Caulfield has also worked on multiple high profile industrial films for both public and private sector clients, to include the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the United States Army, and Boeing.  She has worked in significant capacities with A-list actors (e.g., Charlie Sheen) and professional athletes (e.g., NFL player Ray Lewis).  Megan had her Directorial debut on a short film that she wrote, produced and starred in; Deportación.  Without any formal training, Megan has exhibited leadership skills necessary to direct a film set and has found herself invited into the role of Producer, Director and 2nd Assistant Director as a result of those skill sets.  Her work as Director on Deportación awarded her the Best Director award at the 2019 Kite Film Festival.  Both the film and the screenplay have gone on to win awards in multiple film festivals across the globe.  She is currently directing a TV pilot, Half-Cocked Personal Defense, in which she is also the show host.  Megan continues to broaden her resume in the directorial field and inspires to continue to both direct and produce nationwide. 

Behind The Scenes
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